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Weekly weekend tour "1001 fun for the weekend" ARSK

ARSKY DISTRICT is the oldest district of Tatarstan. This territory in the XIII century was the northern outpost of the Bulgars.

Arsky district is rich in talented scientists, writers, and artists. One of the most famous natives of the Ar land – the poet Gabdulla Tukay-was born in the village of Koshlauch. A museum dedicated to him has been created in the picturesque Kyrlai, where Tukai spent several years of his childhood.

New Kyrlay-the residence of Kysh Babai and Kar Kyzy. On New Year's holidays, children from all over the country come to visit these fairy-tale heroes. Fairy tale in Kyrlai lives all year round: take a look at the interactive park of new and old Tatar fairy tales "Forest of Wonders", where the traditions of fostering respect for nature and preserving the ethno-cultural landscape are revived in the interactive format of family creativity.

Tour program:



Arrival in the village of Novy Kyrlay.




Accommodation in a hotel.


Excursion to the literary and memorial museum of Gabdulla Tukai.

The air of Novy Kyrlai is literally saturated with poems and fairy tales of the poet Gabdulla Tukai. Kyrlay and Koshlauch became places that inspired the poet to create melodic, folk works that glorify the nature of this region. The museum complex preserves an amazing fairy-tale atmosphere of the life and work of the great son of the Tatar people.

You will be immersed in the environment in which the genius of the Tatar poet grew and formed: the museum of Gabdulla Tukai, the house of bai, the house of Sagdi, the adoptive father of Tukai, where the future poet lived from 6 to 9 years, the literary and sculpture park.

From 17: 30

Free time.

Spend your free time usefully: take a walk along the picturesque banks of the Oia River, take a boat or catamaran ride on the lake, or take a horse ride. More suggestions for a fun and useful pastime can be found in the "Additional services" section.



Breakfast at the hotel.


Walk through the interactive park of old and new Tatar fairy tales "Forest of Wonders".

You will be immersed in the atmosphere of a magical forest with intricate decorations and buildings. Tall trees, ancient fir trees, a curiously curved river, mysterious light-all this together creates a magical atmosphere. The feeling that magic is about to happen.

And if you want to learn the secret of the magical forest, then you will find a fascinating journey along the fabulous forest path-the quest "Guardians of the Forest" (for an additional fee). On your way you will find a Shop of wonders that will show you the right way to solve the mystery. You will have to pass tests for attentiveness, accuracy and dexterity. The gates of the" Forest of Wonders " will open only to those who are ready to help him cope with the dark forces.


Departure from the hotel.



From 13: 30

Free time.

You can make a trip to the native village of Tukai – Koshlauch, visit the house-museum of the Tukaev family, visit the grave of Tukai's father and drink cold water from the spring from which the poet's ancestors drank water.

Or visit the holy healing spring in the village of Khotnya, located deep in the pine forests. Khotnya is not only a source of natural drinking water of the first category "Khotninskaya", but also the birthplace of the nobles of the Pertsovs, at whose expense the Peter and Paul Church of the early 19th century was built, which still stands today and impresses travelers with the originality of its architectural appearance.



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