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Weekly weekend tour "1001 fun for the weekend" GREAT BULGAR

Veliky Bolgar is the capital of the medieval state of Volga Bulgaria. It is here that one of the tourist gems of the Republic of Tatarstan is located – the Bulgarian Settlement, which in 2014 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The largest printed Koran in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, is kept on the territory of the Bulgarian Museum-Reserve. The unique Museum of Bulgarian Civilization, the building of which is harmoniously integrated into the existing relief of the steep bank, combines the river station and a multi-level museum complex, built in the classical oriental style.

Tour program:

1 day



Arrival in Bolgar. Accommodation in the hotel "Voyage" / " Dakar»




Sightseeing tour of the territory of the Bulgarian Museum-Reserve with a visit to the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization and a Memorial Sign, a tour of the architectural monuments of the XII-XIV centuries (Cathedral Mosque, Large and Small Minarets, Northern and Eastern mausoleums, the Khan's tomb, the Khan's Palace, the Eastern, White and Black Chambers). Travel by electric car.

From 17:00

Free time.

2 день



Breakfast at the hotel, room release.


Guided tour of the Bread Museum using a radio guide.

The historical and ethnographic complex "Museum of Bread" is the only museum in Tatarstan of the history of agriculture and bread production from ancient times to our time, where all the cycles of bread production are presented-from sowing and reaping to grinding and baking. On the territory of the museum you can find a miller's House, a windmill and a water mill, a blacksmith shop, various agricultural tools and accessories.


Visit to the White Mosque (on your own).

The ensemble of the White Mosque bears some resemblance to the famous Taj Mahal mausoleum. The complex is decorated with a prayer square, framed by an exquisite arcade of 88 eastern columns; sophisticated minaret towers; the main dome of the mosque with elaborate stained glass windows and snow-white buildings designed for the clergy.


Excursion to the nursery "Kingdom of Camels" (for an additional fee).

The camel nursery is both an original eco-farm of the European type, and an original open-air museum-park, and a specially equipped spacious and comfortable recreation area for visitors and pets. The tour will be interesting for both adults and children and will reveal all the interesting features of the friendly two-humped beauties.



From 14:00

Free time.

In your free time, you can make a souvenir in the craft workshops of the Bulgarian Museum-Reserve or visit small atmospheric museums, such as the Bulgarian Tea Party Museum. A full list of activities can be found in additional services.

And most importantly-do not forget to go shopping and buy local products, the taste of which will be remembered for a long time!




Additional services:

- visit to interactive craft workshops (master class on a potter's wheel and painting souvenirs)

- quest games "In search of treasure", " The secret of the ancient Bolgar»

- visit to the " Well of Gabdrahman»

- visit to the " Museum of the Turkic-Tatar script»

- visit to the museum " The Nobility of Spassky Uyezd»

- visit to the museum " City on the River»

- visit to the Abdullah Alish Museum

- visit to the Bulgarian Tea Party Museum»

- rental of sports equipment (bicycles, electric scooters)

- visit to the nursery " Kingdom of Camels»

You can purchase locally produced products:

- fish prepared according to the famous recipes of Spassky chefs: shop "Spassky Ambassador", Vertynskaya str., 64a

- delicious meat and sausages according to "halal" standards: "Bulgar Halal" store, 106a Lenin Street

- freshly baked bread and flavorful pastries:

shop "Kulinariya", Sovetskaya str., 32

shop "Dorozhnik", Likhacheva str., 89a

shop "Khlebny", Vertynskaya str., 77

shop "Bulgar", Likhacheva str., 91a

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