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Weekly weekend tour "1001 fun for the weekend" CHISTOPOL

Chistopol is the city of the best watchmakers. But this city in Tatarstan is known not only for the watches that flew into space.

Chistopol is a unique ancient merchant city. All the architectural monuments here are located on two main streets, and the city itself is the geographical center of Tatarstan.

The weekend spent in the city will remain a pleasant memory for a long time.

Tour program:

1 day



Arrival in Chistopol. Accommodation in the hotel "Chistopol".


Lunch (cafe " Sultanat»)


Sightseeing tour of the historical center of the city with a visit to the Boris Pasternak Memorial Museum.

On the central streets of Chistopol, merchants ' mansions, iconic historical buildings, and religious objects (St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in 1838, the first wooden cathedral mosque "Nur", which is more than 160 years old) are preserved.

You will visit the oldest Skaryatinsky Garden, the modern square "Umilenie", where the church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Umilenie", painted by Palekh masters, was built.

In the museum of Boris Pasternak, who lived in Chistopol during the evacuation, you will see memorial items, take photos in the room where he spent the long Chistopol winters, look from the windows of his room at the Skaryatinsky Garden, where the poet himself liked to walk and where a monument is erected to him.

From 17: 00

Free time.

Located in the city center in the beautiful mansion of the Chistopol philistine Melnikov, the museum gift shop offers visitors to get acquainted with the products of local artisans. The museum's souvenir salon also presents the products of the Chistopol Watch Factory – men's and women's wrist watches (quartz and mechanical). Very popular, both in Soviet times and now, are the watches of the brands "Commander" and "Amphibia", which have unique shockproof and waterproof qualities and are characterized by high accuracy. In the museum souvenir shop you can buy books on the history of Chistopol, sets of postcards and magnets with views of the city streets and attractions.

Day 2



Breakfast (cafe " Sultanat»)


Visit the museum of the city's history, where you will learn about the ancient city of Juketau, see rare archaeological finds. You will be able to take photos near unique wooden bicycles that have no analogues in the world and other rare exhibits.

After that, you will be offered a master class on making a memorable souvenir.


Lunch (cafe " Sultanat»)


Room release.

From 13: 30

Free time.

You can enjoy the beauty of the old town not only by walking through its quiet cozy streets. A boat ride on the Kama River is a great opportunity to get new emotions and take beautiful photos! For more information, see the "Additional Services" section.



Additional services:

- boat trip on the Kama River for a group of up to 8 people

(duration-1.5 hours).

- master class on patterned weaving on an authentic instrument;

- master class on making a memorable souvenir;

- master class on making products from polymer clay (key rings, jewelry, tableware decor);

- master class in soap making;

- master class in woolen watercolors;

- master class on painting wooden toys;

- master class on making products from foamiran (hairpins, elastic bands, brooches);

- master class on painting attic toys;

- master class on decorating products in the "decoupage" technique»;

- master class on the production of products in the "macrame" technique»;

- master class on creating textile toys;

- master class on the production of products in the "scrapbooking" technique.

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