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Kukmor district is a picturesque region with a developed industrial and agricultural production. This is the only district of Tatarstan awarded the Order of Merit for the Republic of Tatarstan.

The glory and pride of the Kukmor district, and far beyond the borders of the republic, are the famous historical industrial enterprises: a felting and felt factory, a factory of high – quality and beautiful metal vessels, a factory for sewing ski suits and outerwear.

There are many historical, architectural and natural landscape attractions in the area. This is the area where the lineage of the famous Kyrgyz and Russian writer Chingiz Aitmatov originates.

And the Kukmor district is rich in springs, among which - "Kuz chishmese" ("Eye spring"), the rumor about its healing properties attracts people from all over Russia.

Tour program:

1 day



Arrival in Kukmor. Check-in at the hotel.


Lunch (cafe " Gray Count»)


Excursion to JSC "Kukmor plant of metal vessels".

Cookware under the brand "Kukmara" is known all over the world today!

The modern plant of JSC "Kukmor Plant of Metal Vessels" dates back to the artel "Kyzyl Timerche", formed in 1930, which began to manufacture forged carts, tin and aluminum products, as well as household utensils made of galvanized steel.

Today, the plant produces many types of high-quality tableware.

During the tour, you will see the entire process of producing dishes and learn a lot about the factory.


Visit to the company store of JSC "Kukmor plant of metal vessels".

A wide range of cast thick-walled aluminum cookware and cookware with non-stick coating "Kukmara": pots, roasters, pans, bread molds, molds for baking cupcakes and waffles, goods for tourism and recreation, boilers, cauldrons, smokehouses, barbecues is presented to customers in the company store of the plant. Every housewife is sure to find her perfect helper in the kitchen!


Walking tour of Kukmor.

During the tour you will learn the history of Kukmor, hear local legends and legends, see the main street of the city, the embankment of the Nurminka River, the natural monument "Kukmor Mountain" , the estate of the Komarovs-the founders of the felting industry in Kukmor at the end of the 19th century


Free time.

In your free time, you can use the services from the section "Services for an additional fee". For example, rent a buggy for riding or sign up for Nordic walking lessons on the health trail at the recreation center "Mednaya Gora" , or maybe take a boat ride on the lake or go fishing in the village.Upper Kityak (guest house "Parly-kul").

Day 2



Breakfast at the hotel.


Excursion to the Local history Museum.

The Museum of Local Lore is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, which is an architectural monument of regional significance. The building was built by the second most important entrepreneur of the village of Kukmor-manufacturer Ivan Dmitrievich Rodigin in the 1870s. The architecture of the building combines elements of pseudo-Russian style and eclecticism.

The museum's exposition introduces the history of the Kukmor region from ancient times to the present day. Items from archaeological excavations, household items are widely presented, the museum's collection includes one of the first samples of the famous Kukmor felt boots, and much more.


Visit to the company store of JSC "Kukmor felting and felting plant".

In the store, you will be met by a specialist who will tell you about the process of making felt boots, introduce you to the main achievements of the felting and felt plant and present the range. Here you can buy felt boots, boots, slippers and other shoes made of felt for adults and children. The range will surprise you with a variety of colors and designs.


Lunch (cafe "Gray Count"). Departure from the hotel.


Free time. Shopping.

Be sure to visit the greenhouse farm for growing strawberries "Strawberry Paradise" and bring home fresh, fragrant strawberries!


Services for an additional fee:

- greenhouse farm and strawberry plantations "Strawberry Paradise" (it is possible to purchase strawberries in the sales season-July-August)

- recreation center "Mednaya Gora": sauna services (upon reservation), buggy rental services for skiing, Nordic walking lessons on the health trail

-guest house "Parly-kul" ("Parly Kul") in d.Upper Kityak: sauna and boat trips (on request), fishing (with your own fishing gear)

You can also visit:

- Peter and Paul Church with miraculous icons consecrated in Cyprus

- space landscapes in the village of Bolshoy Kukmor (layers of sand rocks), where you can take unusual photos

- healing spring "Kuz chishmese" ("Eye spring") in the village of Yatmas Dusayevo

You can purchase locally produced products:

- the famous bread with cereals "Champion" , the most delicious elesh from spelt and potatoes, branded lemonade "Kukmorsky".

- kukmor honey, perga, flower pollen and other products of local beekeeping.

- fresh smoked meat, kazylyk, sausages from the farms of the Kukmor district.

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