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Weekly weekend tour "1001 fun for the weekend" MAMADYSH

If you have repeatedly heard the phrase "To Paris via Mamadysh", but have never been to this mysterious Mamadysh, then now is the time!

Mamadyshsky district is located in the heart of Tatarstan, on the banks of the Kama and Vyatka rivers. The largest district of the republic can be proud of its historical monuments, rich water resources and breathtaking landscapes that will provide the best photos. And Mamadyshsky district is known throughout Tatarstan for the fact that it is here that the largest Kryashen sabantuy is held – Pitrau!

Tour program:

1 day



Arrival in the village of Sredniye Kirmeni.


Excursion program "Kirmen Zhieny".

Visit to the ancient fortress-fort "Kirmenchuk". You will learn the history of the fortress, one of the last strongholds of the Volga Bulgarians in the confrontation with the Mongol hordes, as well as visit the springs of Syuyumbike, walk the paths of the Kazan queen and hear the legend of the seven tears.


Transfer to Mamadysh.


Accommodation in the hotel "April". Late lunch at the hotel.


Free time.

A great opportunity to walk through the Yashlek Park and the Vyatka Embankment, along the central pedestrian street and climb to the highest point of the city, covered with legendary battles of the Civil War - Mount Puzanka. You can also go to the spring "Holy Cup": it is from this source that water is poured under the famous brand of the same name.

Various master classes are offered for those who like tinkering (you can find a list of master classes in additional services).

Day 2



Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting with the guide in the lobby of the hotel.


Walking author's tour of the historical center with a visit to the Museum of history of Mamadysh.

In the museum you can see original photographs and documents, material sources that reflect the identity of the region – the former settlement of the Kazan Khanate. A separate exhibition is dedicated to the life, everyday life, and occupations of the peoples living in these regions. It will be especially interesting to learn about the Kryashens and Mari people, who make up the majority of the district's population.

You will also hear the truth about the famous saying "To Paris, through Mamadysh", learn why the letter "M" became the main one and whether it could have been otherwise, and here L. N. Tolstoy and the frigate "Arabella".


Lunch at the hotel. Departure from the hotel.


Master class on making a Mamadysh tourist souvenir. You will hear the history of the souvenir, see the entire history of the area through one item and take away with you the only souvenir that is not found anywhere!


Free time.

You can devote your free time to the entertainment offered in the additional options. For example, you can hold a photo shoot in historical costumes and purchase locally produced products.



Additional services:

- ethno-gastronomic route "One Road – five cultures", which won the Grand Prix of the All-Russian tourist competition "Route of the Year" in 2019 (the route is carried out with a group of 10 people; the route includes a visit to 5 original settlements, if desired, you can visit one or two villages).

- master class in pottery making

- master class in leather craftsmanship

- master class in weaving

- master class on making a souvenir

- rent historical costumes for a photo shoot

- "Khan tea" (tea party at the holy springs of Syuyumbike)

- theatrical meeting

- souvenirs of the route

You can purchase locally produced products:

- the freshest fish caught in the rivers of the Mamadysh district

- cold and hot smoked fish prepared according to branded recipes, felted fish

Fish factory shop, Lermontov str., 8

- excellent cheeses, known throughout the republic under the brand "Azbuka syra". One of the hard varieties – "Tatar deluxe" - at the international exhibition "EXPO-2015" in Milan was tried and praised by the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of Italy, and experts immediately called it "Tatar parmesan"!

Company store "Azbuka Syra", 155 Davydova str.

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