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Weekly weekend tour "1001 fun for the weekend" RYBNAYA SLOBODA

Rybno-Slobodsky district is a region of ancient khanates. In these places, even before the Kazan Khanate, there were Shuran-Kashan and Chalyn khanates.

The village, now called Rybnaya Sloboda, originated in the period of the Kazan Khanate. The first settlers of the land were fishermen – from them the village got its name. The special taste qualities of fish caught off the coast of Rybnaya Sloboda are influenced by spring waters, which feed the coastal waters of the Kama River with their ideal composition.

Tour program:

1 day



Arrival in the village. Rybnaya Sloboda. Accommodation in the Ayaz Hotel.


Lunch (cafe " Breeze»)


Visit to the Wild Farm Ecopark.

49 km east of Rybnaya Sloboda, deep in the forest, there is a "Wild Farm". Here you will remember the unity with nature-fresh air, the aroma of coniferous forest and silence!

Communication with the inhabitants of the "Wild Farm" - rare for Tatarstan spotted deer and marals, will leave you with an unforgettable experience. The excitement of being able to get a close look at the animals, watch them, and take a picture will significantly improve your mood.


Free time.

In your free time, you can use additional services.

For example, try your luck on an evening fishing trip or enjoy dinner on a bonfire in the courtyard of the hotel or on the shore of the lake – the choice is yours!

Day 2



Before breakfast, you can enjoy the morning silence of the Fishing Village and spend time usefully, choosing one of the additional services: a yoga session with an instructor in nature, exercise on the embankment with an instructor or morning fishing.


Breakfast at the hotel.


Health route "Digital Detox" through the forest with a guide on foot (possibly with rented bicycles, Nordic sticks).

The route begins with a sightseeing tour of the Rybnaya Sloboda. The guide will tell you about the history of the village and reveal an amazing secret: not only fish is famous for the fish Settlement!

Next, you will find a real health route through the forest to recharge your energy for the upcoming working week. On a walk, you will feel the feeling of a real escape from the city and will definitely want to come back to finish watching, walking, savoring ... and take all the collected medicinal herbs or berries home to drink delicious tea in the evenings and remember the Fish Village!


Departure from the hotel.


Lunch (cafe "Breeze").

From 13: 30

Free time.

You can spend your free time participating in master classes, boating, or any other activity you like, as well as purchasing locally produced products.



Additional services:

- morning / evening fishing from the shore or from a boat, on high water (on the Kama) or on lakes. Provision of gear

- master class on painting boards in the shape of fish

- an exciting master class on creating cartoons from improvised tools

- master classes in lace-making, knitting, leather mosaic, macrame, sewing kalfaks and skullcaps, painting on stones

- dinner on a bonfire in the courtyard of the hotel / on the lake shore

- boating along the Kama coast, to the Kama Islands / paddle boating on the lakes

- rental of bicycles, Nordic poles, boats

- yoga session with an instructor in nature

- morning exercise on the embankment with an instructor

- visit to the family farm "Shuranskoe podvorye»

You can purchase locally produced products:

- fish from Rybnaya Sloboda: chilled, freshly frozen, dried, cold and hot smoked, and even fish dumplings!

- souvenirs: magnets with lace products, handmade soap, chocolate in the shape of a fish

- delicate pastries: pies and pies with apple, cabbage, pumpkin, fish, sour cream, cheesecakes

Shop "Fasol", Sovetskaya str., 55

- dishes from local chefs that have become hits: fishburger and balykcheburek

Cafe "Breeze", Sovetskaya str., 55

Products from the village of Bolshye Elgi:

- the freshest dairy products of the brand "Chishma": village sour cream, milk, kefir, katyk

- high-quality meat products: frozen semi-finished products (dumplings, manti), sausages, sausages, sausages

Shop "Fresh pastries", ul. Z. Shaimardanova, d. 73a

- the most flavorful bread in Rybnaya Sloboda!

Shop "Hot Bread", ul. Z. Shaimardanova, 71b

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