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Sporty Kazan 2 days/1 night

 1 day                                                                                                                                                              Guide 7h / Transport 5h


Group meeting. Things are handed over to the hotel's storage room.

Sightseeing tour of Kazan. Remember how in the famous film Ivan the Terrible said: "Kazan took, Astrakhan took, Shpak did not take! ... I didn't take it!" Did you know that at the time of the conquest of Kazan, the young Ivan IV (the future Grozny) was only 22 years old. This and many other historical facts you will learn in this winter trip.

A tour of the Kazan Kremlin (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), is a complex of historical and archaeological monuments. Together with the guide, we will visit the Annunciation Cathedral, a building of the XVI century. We will go up to the top 5 level of the Kul-Sharif mosque.

Lunch national cuisine + Master class on cooking national dishes.

Check-in at the hotel + free time

Walking along the historical Bauman street "Kazansky Arbat" + ul. St. Petersburg (a gift from engineers from St. Petersburg to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan.).

Evening excursion "Lights of Kazan".

At night, the city is transformed - millions of colorful lights turn on. You will have a great opportunity to take bright and colorful photos, as there are stops and exits at the family center "Kazan-Chasha" and on the Kremlin embankment strewn with small beads of golden lights.

Day 2                                                                                                                                                                Guide 4 hours / Transport 4 hours

Breakfast. Room release. Things are handed over to the hotel's luggage storage.

Bus tour "Kazan sportivnaya".

During this tour, you will have the opportunity to see the sports facilities of the capital of the Universiade 2013 (the Palace of Water Sports, the Kazan Tennis Academy, the Palace of Martial Arts "Ak Bars" and much more).

! optional visit to the Kazan Arena stadium - the first football stadium in Russia, built for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The center of attraction of grandiose events and events of international scale is the Universiade 2013, the World Aquatics Championship in 2015, the Confederations Cup in 2017 and the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

You will feel the special atmosphere of the Kazan Arena stadium and see: the stadium bowl, the conference hall, the VIP stands, the media representatives 'area, the players' area (locker rooms and training rooms), the commentary boxes, and the food areas. (additional fee is 300 rubles per person.)

We will drive to the Universiade Village (external inspection). A residential neighborhood built in Kazan to accommodate athletes and other participants of the Universiade delegations. The Village project was developed in accordance with the requirements of the International University Sports Federation (FISU).

! Lunch at the cafe

Visit the shop "Bekhetle" (translated as "Happy"), you can buy food and flavorful pastries on the road.

Pick up things from the luggage room + transfer to the train station.









Hostel (6-8 bed rooms)








2* and 3* (2 and 3-bed rooms with in-room amenities)










The table shows the price for 1 person (in rubles) for the corresponding group.

The price includes:

Accommodation, 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, a master class in Tatar baking, guide services according to the program, transport services according to the program, entrance tickets to the Kazan Kremlin.

! on request, you can order dinner, the cost for 1 person is 300 rubles.

The company has the right to make changes to the program in agreement with the customer.

Depending on the time (the exact time of arrival in Kazan, please specify in advance) and the place of arrival of the group (railway station, bus station, airport), the program will be adjusted.

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