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Weekly Weekend Tour "1001 Weekend Fun" RICH SUBS

Sabinsky district is associated with well-being and prosperity among the residents of Tatarstan. The name of the district center speaks for itself-Rich Subs.

So many sports and leisure infrastructure facilities have been created in the Sabinsky district that the weekend spent in the district will not yield to a whole vacation in terms of saturation! Amazing nature, the purest forest air, natural products of local production, health facilities – an excellent combination that disposes to rest!

It is known throughout the republic and the village of Minger, where the largest and most fun Sabantuy in Tatarstan is organized, where tens of thousands of guests come every year.

Tour program:

1 day



Arrival. Meeting with the guide. Accommodation in the hotel "Lesnaya Skazka" / " Nur»


Lunch at the hotel.


Visit to the country's only interactive museum of the history of the madrasah in c.Satyshevo. The exhibition includes authentic items that reflect the history of the madrasah and the life of the students, and modern multimedia technologies make the guide's story even more fascinating.

Visit to D. Minger. The exhibition of the museum in the village of Minger, the small homeland of the actor, will tell about the life and work of one of the brightest actors of Tatarstan, Shaukat Biktimirov.

The Minger Tower and the extraordinary natural beauty of these places will be the main characters of your photos! Local hospitality is symbolized by a two-meter samovar that quenches thirst with the purest spring water.


Free time.

In your free time, you can choose entertainment to suit your taste – a full list of activities can be found in the section "Services for an additional fee".

Take a walk along the Yamle Saba embankment, ride bicycles, skateboards, play beach volleyball or do other sports in the Tukai Cultural and Sports Park.

At the Argamak cartodrome, you can ride on the map with a breeze, and at the Sabantuy KSC, you can shoot a gun, play paintball, ride horses or try your hand at the trails for children and adults in the rope park.

Day 2



Breakfast at the hotel.


A visit to the Museum of the history of Sabine Forestry will allow you to plunge into the history of forestry and get to know the wildlife of the Sabine forests.

The Bell Museum will surprise you with a collection of 238 copies of church bells, bells and botalo. Each bell has its own sound, as you can see, because in this museum they are allowed to ring them!

The excursion program will continue with a visit to the greenhouse and the arboretum garden, where you can see a collection of trees and shrubs, including the rarest species from Asia, America and Europe, a variety of herbaceous, medicinal plants and fruit and berry crops.

In the only breeding and seed-growing center in Tatarstan, you can see a pine tree in its infancy! On the territory of the world-class high-tech innovation complex, 12 million seedlings are grown annually.


Lunch at the hotel. Departure from the hotel.


Free time. Shopping.

A great opportunity to continue your vacation in the complex "Lesnaya Skazka" - ride a quad bike, swim on a boat with a sail or catamaran, visit the local zoo, take a horse ride, play laser tag with the company.

In the village of Leskhoz, you can visit the wake park, equipped with a wakeboard rental and equipment, or cook kebabs on the territory of the recreation area "Carpathians".

Local products are famous for their high quality. The original gifts and souvenir pillows of "Sabadan Bulek" are known far beyond the borders of our country. You can please connoisseurs of meat dishes with meat and sausage halal products.

More suggestions for a fun and useful pastime can be found in the section "Services for an additional fee".

Services for an additional fee:

- KSK "Sabantuy": horse riding, halls with children's slot machines, rental of equipment for stand shooting at a flying target, paintball, rope park

- GRK "Lesnaya Skazka": rental of ATVs, electric cars, boats, catamarans, equipment for playing laser tag, local zoo, horse riding, equipped lake for swimming and fishing

- park "Tukaya": equipment rental, stadium for playing football, athletics, climbing wall, skatepark, rollerdrome, golf courses, games "Gorodki", parkour, basketball, beach soccer, beach volleyball, exercise equipment, rope trails, children's playgrounds

- Narat Sports Complex: skate rental, gym, lawn tennis, table tennis

- sports school "SABA-Arena": equipment rental and gym rental, table tennis, badminton, chess, gym

- cartodrome "Argamak" : rental of maps

- Mayak cartodrome: rental of maps

- wake park: rental of water equipment and equipment

You can also visit:

- Yamle Saba embankment: walk around the territory, children's playgrounds

You can purchase locally produced products:

- aromatic herbal tea and unique painted wooden and wicker handmade products-shop "Yort zhikhazy", p. Leskhoz, Detsadovskaya str., 25

- souvenir products of the famous brand "Sabadan bulek", replicas of Tatar national pillows and textiles-village. Rich Subs, Komarova str., 6 / 2 (by prior call)

- meat and sausage halal-products from local farmers-shop "My smoked meat", village. Rich Subs, 9 Z. Yusupov street

- seedlings and seedlings of ornamental trees and shrubs, fruit and berry plants and flowers-Forest selection and seed Center, p. Leskhoz, Sadovaya str., 5

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