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Kazan from sun rise to sun set

Guide 13h / Transport 6h

09.00  Arrival to Kazan. Meeting group with signe .                                

09.00-10.00  Чаепитие по-татарски (чай с молоком + курага + блинчики из настоящей деревенской печи). You will be welcomed in the hospitable atmosphere of the Tatar village, will conduct a tour and will be invited to the table.

10.00-13.00  Sightseeing tour of Kazan. Remember how in the famous film Ivan the Terrible said: "Kazan took, Astrakhan took, Shpak did not take!". Did you know that at the time of the conquest of Kazan, the young Ivan IV (the future Grozny) was only 22 years old. This and many other historical facts you will learn on this trip.

13.00-14.00  Lunch by your own hands. Have you heard of "Tatar belyash", but never tried them? And if you tried it, you didn't cook it yourself? Then you will definitely come to us, we will prepare them together with the chef, and we will taste them with fervor from the heat .

14.00-16.00  A tour of the Kazan Kremlin (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), is a complex of historical and archaeological monuments. Together with the guide, we will visit the Annunciation Cathedral, a building of the XVI century. We will go up to the top 5 level of the Kul-Sharif mosque.

16.00-18.00  Walking tour "Kazan Arbat" (one of the oldest) +  St. Petersburg street (a gift from engineers from St. Petersburg to the 1000th anniversary of Kazan.).

18.00-19.00  Free time. You will have time to relax and buy souvenirs.

19.00-20.00  Dinner (with elements of national Tatar cuisine ).

20.00-22.00 Evening excursion "Lights of Kazan". You will see Kazan in a different light, in the illumination of colorful lights, so mysteriously and fabulously illuminated historical and modern buildings. You will have a great opportunity to take bright and colorful photos, as there are stops and exits at the family center "Kazan-Chasha" and on the Kremlin embankment strewn with small beads of golden lights.

22.00 Transfer to the train station. Departure from Kazan.
































The table shows the price for 1 person (in rubles) for the corresponding group.

The price includes:

- tea party

- lunch + cooking master class

- dinner (national local cuisine).

- guide services for the program

- transportation services under the program

- entrance tickets to the Kazan Kremlin.

! The company has the right to make changes to the program in agreement with the customer.


Depending on the time (the exact time of arrival in Kazan, please specify in advance) and the place of arrival of the group (railway station, bus station, airport), the program will be adjusted.


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