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Weekly weekend tour "1001 fun for the weekend" KAMSKOE USTYE

Kamsko-Ustinsky district. It turns out that to admire the vast expanse of water, it is not necessary to get to the sea coast. 100 kilometers from Kazan there is a beautiful place-the village of Kamskoye Ustye. From its name, it is already clear that it is located at the confluence of the Kama River with the Volga and is famous for the Volga landscapes, fishing spots, tunnels, gypsum deposits and is simply created for active recreation. A descent to the Yurievskaya Cave, an ascent to Mount Lobach, a walk through the Imperial Nursery and much more will open up the Kamsko-Ustinsky district.

Tour program:

1 day



Arrival in the village.Kama Estuary. Accommodation in the Kurai Hotel.


Lunch at the hotel.


Visit to the local history museum (entrance tickets are included in the price, without excursion service).

The museum's exposition introduces the history of the village "Bogorodskoe-Kama Estuary", founded in 1692 as a fishing village. Of interest are materials about the development of shipping on the Volga, the construction of oil tanks for refueling steamships in the early twentieth century, the development of a local mine. The museum has a rich collection of coins and banknotes.


Excursion to Mount Lobach.

Paying attention to the coat of arms and flag of the Kamsko-Ustinsky district, you will see the azure sky, a seagull and the edge of a steep bank - this is Mount Lobach-a natural attraction, one of the highest points of the Volga Upland. Here the Volga turns sharply to the south and heads towards Astrakhan and the Caspian Sea. Some say that Ilya Repin made sketches of the famous painting "Boatmen on the Volga" in the vicinity of Lobach.

Near Mount Lobach is located the geographical center of the greatest river in Europe and Russia-the Volga.

Beautiful photos against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes - that's what his guests will definitely take away from the Kama Estuary!

From 16: 00

Free time.

Free time in the Kama Estuary opens up new opportunities!

You can go down to the mysterious Yuriev caves or walk through the gypsum tunnels, and in the evening prepare a barbecue, enjoy a fragrant wood-burning bath or a Finnish sauna. The "Additional services" section will help you!

Day 2



Breakfast at the hotel.


Excursion to the Camembert cheese factory.

The Camembert cheese factory makes cheeses from local milk according to the French recipe. Here you can watch the whole process of cheese making live-see how the cheese is cooked and molded, as well as taste it.


Lunch. Room release.

From 13: 00

Free time.

In addition, you can visit the Imperial Nursery, one of the largest nurseries in Europe for the cultivation of ornamental conifers, or visit the local vineyard. For a long time, you will also remember a trip on a speedboat on the boundless Kama Sea.

Be sure to bring home delicious products made in the Kama Estuary.



Additional services:

- Provision of barbecue equipment (free of charge)

- Wood-burning sauna

- Finnish sauna

- Excursion to the Yuriev caves and gypsum tunnels

- Speedboat rental (4 people))

- Fishing with a huntsman (2 people).)

-Sup-board rental

You can purchase locally produced products:

- environmentally friendly products from the Camembert cheese factory (cheeses and kaymak):

shop "Uyut", village. Kama Estuary, Karl Marx street, 99;

pgt. Zaton, Zavodskaya str., 1a

- fresh river fish from the expanses of the Kama Estuary: shop "Altyn", village. Kamskoe Ustye, Gagarina str., 4

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