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  • Kazan overview

    Kazan, a city in Russia and a large river port on the Volga River, is the capital of Tatarstan Republic, located about 820 km east of Moscow. It is one of the most important economic, scientific and cultural centers of the country.

    Several matches of FIFA World Cup 2018 was held in Kazan.

    The population of Kazan is about 1,205,600 (2015), the area - 425 sq. km.

    The phone code - +7 843, the postal codes - 420000-420141.

    How to get to Kazan?

    Kazan has a strong transport network with many cities in Russia and around the world

    There are direct flights between Kazan and Moscow (St. Peter's Burg, Volgograd, Sochi, Crimea) and between Kazan and Dubai (Sharjah, Istanbul, Baku, Astana, Riga)

    Kazan is connected to all Russian cities by rail.

    Kazan history

    According to the official version, Kazan was founded no less than 1000 years ago. The evidence is a Czech coin found on the territory of Kazan Kremlin and dated approximately 929-930s, as well as other items with less clear dates.

    Kazan was founded as an outpost on the northern borders of Volzhkaya Bulgaria. In the 13th-14th centuries, Kazan rapidly developed and became an important trade and political center of the Golden Horde. The favorable geographical location on the trade ways connecting East and West was the reason for the growth of Kazan.

    In 1438, Kazan was declared the capital of the Kazan Khanate. There were several conflicts with the Moscow state and as a result the town was conquered by the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible in 1552.

    The National Museum of Tatarstan Republic

    Author: Sergey Kozin


    Kazan features

    From the Tatar people language the word “qazan” means a “boiler” or “cauldron”. The historical symbol of Kazan, depicted on its coat of arms and flag, is a mythical dragon-creature Zilant often mentioned in local legends.

    Kazan climate is temperate continental, extreme cold and scorching heat are rare and not typical for the city. The average temperature in January is minus 10.4 degrees Celsius, in July - plus 20.2 degrees C.

    National composition of the population of Kazan: 48.6% - Russians, 47.6% - Tatars, 0.8% - Chuvash, 0.4% - Ukrainians, 0.3% - Mari. Today, Kazan is the cultural center of the Tatar people.

    The city has been undergoing a total renovation since 2000. Kazan metro was opened in 2005. The city celebrated its millennium in 2005, when one of the largest mosques in Russia (Qolsharif) was built inside Kazan Kremlin walls. Also, Millennium Bridge was opened in 2005.

    Kazan Kremlin is included in the UNESCO list of monuments of world heritage. Present day Kazan is one of the most popular Russian cities among domestic and foreign tourists. About one million tourists visit Kazan a year.

    Kazan places of interest

    Kazan has a lot of museums, including 34 state museums, several public and private galleries.

    The largest museum of the city is the National Museum of Tatarstan Republic, founded in 1894. You can find the most valuable natural science, archaeological, ethnographic and other exhibitions in the main building of the museum built in 1800-1815 (Kremlin Street, 2).

    Inside the Kazan Kremlin, there is a branch of the State Hermitage. Also, the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan (Karl Marx Street, 64) and The Museum of Kazan Millennium (Sultan Galiev Square, Pushkin Street, 86) are among the most popular museums in the city.

    The city has a large number of theaters. The most famous and popular theaters are:

    Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theater named after Musa Jalil - a venue for international theater and music festivals (Svobody Square, 2), Tatar Academic Theater named after Galiaskar Kamal (Tatarstan Street, 1),


    Also, Kazan has a circus (one of the leading in Russia with a unique building) and 12 movie theaters with 61 screens, including Simex 4D

    • Kazan State Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theater named after V.I. Kachalov (Bauman Street, 48).



Excursions in Kazan
Excursion About Time Hour Price
Kazan City tour   3 hours from 10:00 To 13:00 750 ru
Kazan Overnight   2 hours from 19:00 To 21:00 650 ru
The Old Bulgar   11 hours from 09:00 To 20:00 2100 ru
Sviajsk Island + Innopolis   6 hours from 10:00 To 16:00 1350 ru


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