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Cruise in The Volga river from Kazan

Cruise in The Volga river from Kazan

The Volga River

The Volga River is one of the largest and longest rivers in the continent of Europe and is located in western Russia. Its name varies according to its area. It is considered one of the important shipping waterways in Russia. The Russians regard it as their national river and proud of it. The Volga River originates from the valleys in the northwest Which is about 225 meters above sea level and is located in the Caspian Sea in western Asia.

Reason of calling

The first inhabitants of the Volga River are the Mari people, who are the original inhabitants of the Volga River. They called it the Volga, which means the Orient in their language, that is, the River of the Orient, and the Russians call it the Mississippi of Russia and the Mother Volga because of its importance and the benefit they receive from it. All fields such as industry, agriculture, transport, trade, economic and other fields.

Terrain and height

The Volga River is about 3,685 km long, passes through many lakes where the river is collected and is one of the most abundant rivers in Europe, with an estimated 1.3 million square meters of water.

The tributaries of the Volga River

It is the longest river in Europe in general and has multiple tributaries between large and small up to about 200 tributaries, but the most important of these tributaries are Ravda Oka and Kama, both longer than the Rhine, Kama pours into the Caspian Sea and Oka tributaries in the Azov Sea near the Republic of Ukraine.

Economic movement

The river is characterized by a large commercial movement and commercial vessels that pass from both directions back and forth in addition to the private passenger ships, which is based on a lot of agricultural activities, in addition to the majority of the population of the Russian Federation moving from one city to another by the river's reservoirs, and created several artificial corridors on the river from In order to provide the place for customs and goods inventory in addition to it is used in the transport of government goods such as building materials, oil, timber, natural gas and others. Recently, sediments have been discovered along the river's edge with gas, oil, salt and many other minerals. There are also a lot of giant power plants to supply electricity and there are eight huge dams to collect water from the river.

Cities on the river

Moscow located on the Oka tributary.

Kazan lies on the edge of the river from the east.

Perm is located in the north of it.



Astrakhan lies south of the river.

Samara east of the river.

Saratov Ulyanovsk.

Tver is located north of Moscow.



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