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Excursions in Kazan

We are very glad that you have time, and most of all the desire to get acquainted with the amazing Kazan, in which the cultures of East and West are harmoniously intertwined. You will have the opportunity to plunge into the local flavor, and you yourself will notice how harmoniously the thousand-year history and modernity are combined.

We have accredited guides who will make a bright excursion so that you have only positive impressions and exceptionally pleasant memories of Kazan.

My name is Gulnara, I am also a guide and I will be happy to help organize the excursion and answer questions.

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Excursion About Duration Time Price
City tour + Kremlin+ Bawmana st, Going to a sightseeing tour of Kazan, you will get the most complete idea of the city and its sights 3 hours +1 hour Walking tour in Bauman Street - as a gift Every day at 10:00, 11:00, 12:30 and 13:30. 750 rubles.
Evening Kazan Kazan in the evening is gorgeous. During the tour of the evening city you will get acquainted with its history and modernity. 2 hours  Every day at 19:00. 650 rubles.
10.00-16.00 Sviyazhsk Island (with a visit to the history museum and a tea party) + a sightseeing tour of Innopolis We invite you to an exciting trip to Sviyazhsk Island, on a comfortable bus! 6 hours Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 10:00. 1350 rub.
The ancient city of Bolgar The ancient city of Bolgar is one of the oldest Bulgarian cities on the territory of Tatarstan. The Bulgarian town is the capital of one of the early state associations of Eastern Europe. 11  hours Sunday at 9:00 2 100 rub.
Merchant Yelabuga

Elabuga is a small ancient city, nestled among forests on the right bank of the Kama River, 215 km from Kazan.

Yelabuga is one of the oldest settlements of Tatarstan with a 1000-year history.

11   Tuesday  evry 2 weeks at 9:00 2300rub. 
Yoshkar-Ola, city which arose in a few years already in the 21st century! You will take a walk along the Arkhangelsk settlement, see the monument of Lorenzo de Medici the Magnificent, learn about the culture and way of life of the last pagans in Europe, find small figures hidden on the roofs and eaves of fairy-tale houses and much more! Yoshkar-Ola is a city that surprises! 10 hours Sunday at 9:00 1 300 rub.
Raifa male Bogoroditsky monastery and the Temple of all religions.

Raifa Man's Bogoroditsky Monastery has a long history, is located on the shore of the lake, surrounded by age-old pines.

The Holy Dormition Monastery on Zilantova Hill (Zilantova Mountain in Russian means "snake") - the oldest surviving monastery of the Volga region, founded by John IV the Terrible on the day and year of the capture of Kazan.

hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday at 10:30 700 rub.
Kazan is athletic

As part of this tour, you will have the opportunity to inspect and visit the sports facilities of the capital of the Universiade 2013.

This is the second largest and most important event in the world of sports after the Olympics. Athletes from all over the world gathered in Kazan from 162 countries.

3 hours Monday and Friday 10:30 750 rub.

Dinner in a real Tatar family.


We invite you to dinner in a real Tatar family, where you will taste the national dishes of Tatar pastries, as well as get to know the history and traditions of the Tatars.

Under the strict guidance of the hostess of the hospitable house, you will learn how to cook the legendary dishes of Tatar pastries - "Echpochmak".

 Tatar cuisine has absorbed many interesting points from the culture of the Bulgars (ancestors of today's Tatars), traditions and way of life of the Tatars.

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