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Sanatoriums in Kazan



Tatarstan has a number of treatment centers specialized in the treatment of certain diseases and the care of public health and beauty

The Sasunovi Resort is 30 km from the center of Kazan and 60 km from the city's airport. Today the spa covers 14 hectares. There are seven sleeping quarters, a sports and health complex, a concert hall, a laundry, a beauty salon, a car park, a coffee shop and a restaurant. Formed its own unique medical base. The clinic combines modern European comfort with well-conceived health and treatment programs.

Waiting for the sanatorium "Bor Sosnovy" for children and adults alike, the doors of the sanatorium open all year round. The spa offers medical procedures, comfortable accommodations and first-class food as well as leisure and sports programs for all ages. The state-of-the-art clinic infrastructure allows you to spend your leisure time in an interesting and varied manner. The clinic system provides conditions for comfort and treatment.

Rest in a sanatorium is very useful for people with various diseases as well as being in the healing stage of surgery or treatment.

Treatment profile:

Cardiovascular system

Support and natural treatment of the spine and limbs




Diseases of the digestive system


Types of procedures included in the price of the tour:

• Bathrooms (coniferous, marine, pearl and dry carbonated baths)

• Exercise therapy, swimming pool, therapeutic diet, climatic path

• Applications of paraffin, ozocerite and mud therapy

• Chemotherapy (from mineral salts in the Himalayas)

• Hand massage, water massage, massage rollers and pressure massages

• inhalation (different)

• Plant therapy

• Electrosleep, electrode, laser therapy, phonophoresis, magnetic therapy, pulsed

Power supply:

By list - 5 times in two roses

Buffet - 3 times a day. Food food 1 1, 5, 8, 9, 10, 15, including hypocaloric.

Rest in sanatorium:

Disco, entertainment, karaoke, animation and more.

The concert hall opens every evening at the "Sosnovy Bor" sanatorium, where nightly evenings and film shows are held.

On the spa grounds there is also a conference room, with the possibility of organizing seminars, training courses, round tables and business meetings.

For lovers of outdoor activities, the outdoor entertainment program is a stroll to the woods and songs on fire. Fresh newspapers and magazines and literature classics can be read in the clinic library.


Swimming for adults and children, relaxing hours in the Finnish sauna and Turkish bath "bathroom".

Tennis and billiards tables are available, and volleyball and basketball tournaments are offered. Extremely popular are the fitness classes (Pilates, Tai Po, Step Aerobics), Open Exercise Room.

In the summer, guests have the opportunity to become true horsebackers - on the ground there are "horseback riding" trips, as well as "horse therapy" - riding therapy.

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